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Accepted Crent's Staff Application
Started by Crent

In-Game Name: Crent

Age: 16

Do you have Discord, Telegram, and Teamspeak? Yes.

Do you have any fluently spoken languages other than English?: Sadly, no.

Do you have a good working microphone?: Yes.

Are you currently staff on another server?: No.

Do you have any previous staff experiences? If none, leave blank: Lightning Network

I was manager on this server a long with a few my companions and we had everything set up it's simply we couldn't discharge it in light of the fact that the host of the server had shutdown totally and we lost our cash from attempting to make the server, Whilst I was supervisor I needed to design the server to its best and I think this was one of the colossal lifts that made me great at staffing. This server had several custom modules that we had acquired and we discovered that this server was turning out awesome, When we were prepared for dispatch a couple of players went ahead for testing and everything went easily, two or three days after the discharge we needed to begin ssing and doing much progressively significant things, for example, : Improvements, Recruiting great staff, Adding more player spaces, Building another produce for maps, and so forth. This was one of my preferred activities and truly gave me a lift in my figuring out how to be a manager. These learning encounters were boosting one another and I figure I did a great activity when the server was still up. A great deal of the players that got the opportunity to play on the server said that they truly enjoyed the server and gave us great criticism which urged us to continue onward and making the HCF Community pleased. This server was a committed server and we gave a valiant effort to continue onward yet the host shut down so we proved unable. I think this was exceptionally sad as far as the executives however we did not have a few things that we ought to of had. This experience gave me increasingly learning regarding staffing. I have likewise needed to do a ton of Buycraft so this gave me some more experience inside buycraft terms. This was a lift in to being a supervisor on the system yet not long after that a stage down because of the host closing down. My companions needed to continue running the server however we couldn't so we would not like to make another.

I figure you ought to acknowledge me as staff since I have a ton of time on my hands to assist the server and I have a ton of involvement with Managing, Helping, Time Management, and so on and I think I am ready to be an incredible expansion to the staff group, I'm totally different to some staff since I am active and am continually ready to impart a portion of my insights and regardless of whether they don't seem like the best I'm generally there to add to something somebody needs to state obviously once in a while I would keep my mouth shut if it's something significant and I'm not so much required in a discussion. I am exceptionally experienced in SSing and will utilize your strategies for SSing as I accept that your ssing techniques may be more prominent at that point mine. I think I am truly adept at adjusting to new things and I think I'll hurry up rapidly and be a snappy student in things that may be hard to other people. Throughout the long stretches of me being staff I trust I have a higher possibility since I see more things and am never again lethal just as progressively develop. Nersa has been similar to a home to me and I know this server a great deal and in any event, when you were getting a ton of detest I was still close by and attempted to persuade individuals that you didn't do all these repulsive things that individuals state you did. I trust I am straightforward and faithful and will never let you down particularly on unpleasant events. I feel that I am a reliable player that might be a standout amongst other staff individuals. I figure you should give me a possibility and I guarantee that I won't let you down. I trust I will be an incredible staff part on the Network on the off chance that I get in as a staff part, I additionally accept that I will be a decent good example for other staff/players and I will help as much as I can in any event, when in a predicament. Some staff individuals slack much in the wake of being a staff part for quite a while however I am not one of those individuals as I will endeavor regularly to be the best assistant I can all together for the server to have the greatest degree of fun they can have. A few people will most loved a few people since they are companions with them which I find exceptionally crazy, I will discover everybody adjusted and not treat somebody all the more better then another person since that resembles saying you're not going to move somebody in a teamspeak channel despite the fact that you're the just one doing bolster rooms and you're not going to move them since you don't care for them, I won't do what some staff individuals may do however I don't see it which is the reason I might want to perceive what it resembles being staff on Nersa in light of the fact that I'm certain the staff are extremely obliging and would not do that. I don't typically play Nersa that much since I'm exhausted of minecraft yet I'm beginning to get back in to minecraft and attempt have a great time on Nersa being a staff part and meeting new individuals.

How many hours can you be active each day?: 6-13+ hours

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Your application has been set to Pending. Join for your interview.

Congratulations, Escapers

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