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Hello, Your application has been set to Pending. Join for your interview. Congratulations, Escapers
2 days ago

Staff Application Format In-Game Name: Age: Region: Do you have Discord, Telegram, and Teamspeak? Do you have any fluently spoken languages other than English?: Do you have a good working microphone?: Are you currently staff on another server?: Do you have any previous staff experiences? If none, leave blank: How many hours can you be active each day?: Note (Don't copy) You must be 16 or older You must not have any recent punishments You must speak English fluently You must not be staff on any other server You must have a good working microphone You must have Disocrd, Telegram, and Teamspeak*
3 days ago

I'm sorry to inform you that your application has been denied. Feel free to re-apply in two weeks. Sincerely, Escapers
3 days ago