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In-Game Name: Vexcey Age: 14 Region: EU Do you have Discord, Telegram, and Teamspeak? Yes Do you have any fluently spoken languages other than English?: No but i'm in the process of learning two others Do you have a good working microphone?: Yes Are you currently staff on another server?: No Do you have any previous staff experiences? If none, leave blank: HCRival - Admin VainMC - Senior-Mod - Helper KitmapUS - Trial-Mod CollosalPVP - Senior-Mod RazerHCF - Senior-Admin Warefine - Platform-Admin HCFlairs - Owner Kantay - Owner DuskMC - Owner PurePVP - Owner ShadowHCF - Owner TridentHQ - Owner HCStatic - Mod HCCrowns - Admin RealHCF - Admin Mandown - Manager CyroPVP - Mod Interview: FaithfulMC LuxorMC ViperMC How many hours can you be active each day?: 4-14 hours per day
about 1 month ago

What is your current in-game name? Vexcey YouTube Channel URL? How many subscribers do you currently have? 1.22k How many views do you average per video? It depends if i advertise my videos and i mostly stream How many videos have you uploaded on the Nersa network in the past 4 weeks Zero at the moment
about 1 month ago